Pyramid for Yoga Practice with 50-Inch Apex

Pyramid for Yoga Practice, 50-Inch Apex

50-Inch Apex Giza

Yoga Meditation Pyramid. Giza-Style Pyramid for Yoga Practice, including non-standing postures and stretching. Assembles easily. Sets up in seconds.


  • Virtual Apex:  ≅ 52.4 in.
  • Base:  Allow 7 ft. sq.
  • Portable:  Collapses
  • Slope:  Giza Slope
  • Model:  Assembly.
  • Price:  $185.00 USD
  • SKUs:  GIZ50
  • Rating:  5 out of 5
  • Available:  Now
  • Healing:  Copper pyramids encourage the recovery of our natural alignment, energy.
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  • Important!  Shipping Timeframe:
    Built to order, ships in two weeks.
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Product Details:

Sit, lie down, or stretch while meditating. Practice yoga postures under the positive vibrations of this quite affordable large pyramid. Based on the Great Pyramid of Giza and designed in full accord with the golden ratio, the Giza 50 is an assembly model regardless of where it ships. The top stands about 50 inches above the ground and the base calls for at least 7 feet square of available floor space.

The Giza 50, like all our pyramids is built with half-inch, copper pipes and coated, copper electrical wire for the base. Take this pyramid to the beach or set it up for yoga at home. Add capstones or chakra pendants into the mix. Includes rubber end caps to protect floors. We offer copper end caps (sold separately) if you intend to use it outside.

Using oak-dowel assembly, top and bottom segments are joined together with four dowels. Assembly is simple, straight-forward and only takes a few minutes. If you feel you need more space, please review our full list of copper pyramids, or consider taking our walk-thru to help you choose which pyramid will work best to suit your needs.


Models (by Destination)

Shipping carriers place restrictions on package length. Three of our pyramids (38, 46, 64) fall short of the length restrictions and ship whole. They can ship whole (inside U.S. and Canada) and require no assembly.

However, any pyramid shipping overseas must ship air freight which further restricts package length. The non-assembly models must instead be built as two-part assembly models. In addition, the larger assembly models (61, 86, 71) become three-part assembly models instead of the standard two-parts. Two of our pyramids (42 and 50) remain the same regardless of where they ship.

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Inner Fire Pyramids Customers, U.S. / Canada
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