Small Copper Pyramid

Small Meditation Pyramid (Giza). Portable (collapsible) Pyramid. For supine position, seated postures. No assembly. Sets up in seconds.

Small Copper Pyramid Details
Purchase 38-Inch Apex Giza

Copper Pyramid (Giza 38) is great for self-healing, meditation and grounding. This copper pyramid is the original portable pyramid (first of its kind). Good for both supine (lying down) and sitting (for some). Based on the Great Pyramid of Giza and designed in full accord with the golden ratio. No assembly necessary. Ready to go.

Like all our Giza pyramids, we build the Giza 38 copper healing pyramid with half-inch copper pipes and coated, copper electrical wire for the base. When set up, the top stands about 38 inches above the floor. Allow 5.5 square feet of floor space. Pyramid includes rubber end caps to protect floors. Note: For those with longer torsos (who intend to do seated meditation) we recommend something larger (42, 46, etc.). Need help with size? Find a pyramid size that fits you.

Small Copper Pyramid Specs
  • Virtual Apex:  ≅ 40.4 in.
  • Base:  Allow 5.5 ft. sq.
  • Portable:  Collapses
  • Slope:  Giza Slope
  • Model: Non-Assembly.
  • Price:  $145.00 USD
  • SKU:  GIZ38

Small Copper Pyramid


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