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2020 Reviews

2020 Reviews

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These review archives were last updated on 7/31/2020. For current reviews, choose a product (or collection) in our shop and click the "Reviews" toggle.

"I love this pyramid! it was very easy to set up, and has a sleek but sturdy design (original wood inner supports). The energy draws me into it for anything and everything I do. If I could I would have one in every room of my house :)"

—Weaverville, NC • 7/29/2020  (Giza 71)

"I’m so excited! It’s perfect! It was packaged very well and very easy to assemble (just four small screws). Very easy to store when not in use."

—Enterprise, AL • 7/24/2020  (Giza 42)

"Excellent service. Thank you."

—Jupiter, FL • 7/13/2020  (Capstone Plate)


Apr, May, Jun

Apr, May, Jun

Apr, May, Jun

"Always perfect craftsmanship! Always ships when stated. Absolutely satisfied!"

—Louisville, CO • 6/29/2020  (Iolite Pyramid)

"Awesomely moving energy through my spaces. Great tool for my meditation sessions."

—New Minneapolis, MN • 6/23/2020  (Giza 38)

"Fantastic. Thank you very much."

—Jan Juc, VIC, Australia • 6/12/2020  (Giza 38)

"Highly Energetic Fields going thru constantly and making my experience in its walls of copper so much more meaningful."

—Chicago, IL • 6/4/2020  (Nubian 86)

"This is my second pyramid. I have a larger one that I give massages in. This one is for my own personal use. The energy container that these create with your own energy and intention is palpable. They are easy to use and take down as well. Highly recommend this company. I like that they are handmade."

—Albany, NY • 6/2/2020  (Giza 42)

"Great pyramid for outdoor meditation!"

—Pueblo, CO • 6/1/2020  (Nubian 86)

"I gave this pyramid as a gift to my friend. The seller is quick to respond, the pyramid is beautiful and I will definitely recommend Inner Fire to all of my friends. Shipping was fast as well."

—New Rochelle, NY • 5/15/2020  (Giza 50)


"I have enjoyed sitting and laying under my pyramid for meditation and using my singing bowls."

—Mableton, GA • 5/9/2020  (Giza 61)

"Love it!!! Beautiful, very easy to set up, move, and store. Highly recommend."

—Coral Springs, FL • 5/4/2020  (Giza 46)

"Very nice and very well made."

—Minusio, TI, Switzerland • 5/3/2020  (Chakra Pendant)

"It has been made very well in the smallest details and also very functional as it is portable and you can put it away."

—Minusio, TI, Switzerland • 5/3/2020  (Conversion Kit)

"Works like dream. I love 110% pyramid power all the way."

—Tigard, OR • 5/2/2020  (Giza 71)

"Thank you so much... I love the craftsmanship and the speedy delivery."

—Tampa, FL • 4/26/2020  (Giza 46)

"What can I say? I love these pyramids! The first one was the Giza 46 which gave me deep and balanced energy throughout my meditations. Last month I purchases this Nubian 64. To my surprise I fell in love with it because of how little space it requires and the height for easy access to enter. Both are excellent for vibration experiences. Thanks!"

—Temple City, CA • 4/4/2020  (Nubian 64)

"It's beautiful and powerful!!!!! What a wonderful item."

—Murrieta, CA • 4/1/2020  (Giza 71)


Jan, Feb, Mar

Jan, Feb, Mar

Jan, Feb, Mar

"It's amazing. I love the sacred space this creates in my home."

—Anchorage, AK • 3/31/2020  (Giza 42)

"I love my pyramid and sleep in it every night. Great quality. Thank you!"

—Kenmore, NY • 3/31/2020  (Giza 42)

"No problem putting it together. Well thought out, well packaged and shipped. As of now I have it over my king size bed."

—Matthews, NC • 3/17/2020  (Giza 71)

"Exactly what I expected. Very happy with it!"

—Madera, CA • 3/12/2020  (Giza 50)

"I purchased my Giza pyramid and after all the years of wanting one I fell in love with it as soon as it arrived. I am so happy with the quality and the service provided. I love that it's portable too."

—Mitchell Park, SA, Australia • 3/1/2020  (Capstone Plate)

"We have bought two of these now. One is indoors and one is in the backyard. Whenever we (or our guests) are feeling low or under the weather, we go rest in the pyramid and feel renewed. It's great for fatigue, headaches, stomach aches, or anything that makes you feel "off". Really powerful and effective. We have also noticed that time shifts when you are inside the pyramid and it seems to go more slowly! Also worth mentioning that the pyramid is beautiful to look at!"

—Colorado Springs, CO • 2/29/2020  (Giza 71)


"I immediately felt frequencies standing next to it. I placed a Shungite pyramid on top and this helped me have restful sleep. This pyramid is the real deal!"

—London, UK • 2/13/2020  (Giza 38)

"I have been wanting a pyramid for years. After purchasing a home that was big enough to really make a healing room, I found this online. I have it in my living room, and use it for clients (Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Intuitive Healing). I will be purchasing another smaller one that I can take outside. This one is massive so it needs a huge room. Quality product. I highly recommend!"

—McCloud, CA • 1/19/2020  (Giza 71)

"The energy was great, I expected much, but it was better than expected. Chakras aligned and balanced perfectly in a matter of minutes! Great :)"

—Göteborg, Sweden • 1/17/2020  (Nubian 64)

"Love these pyramids!! Quality is great and comes packaged well."

—Monmouth, IL • 1/13/2020  (Nubian 86)

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