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Oct, Nov, Dec

Oct, Nov, Dec

Oct, Nov, Dec

"Our dream come true! Thank you very much for making this wonderful piece that was the center of our wedding. When we started our process for our wedding, we thought about having it inside a pyramid. Honestly, I did not know that it could happen. After contacting you guys, and Benjamin having great communication with me, I said "This is it! It's going to happen!" Our special moment was unique in many ways, and the copper pyramid that you customized for us was the cherry on the top. Thank you again for the extra mile in adapting one of your options to work for two people inside. With our special size request, I hope you can continue growing the business and make happy people from beginning to the end. Thank you again Inner Fire Pyramids!"

—Doral, FL • 12/20/18  (Custom Nubian)

"Very smart and mobile design. Great delivery."

—Tartu, Estonia • 12/13/18  (Giza 46)

"So easy to put together and pack up. Great simple directions to follow."

—Fullerton, CA • 12/2/18  (Giza 38)

"Great little addition if your going to purchase a pyramid! Quick shipping, perfect fit. Was worried about it being off balance but it fits perfect and parallel to the floor!"

—Schaumburg, IL • 11/30/18  (Capstone Plate)

"It works well, holding the crystal in place on top of my copper pyramid."

—Sonoita, AZ • 11/11/18  (Capstone Plate)


"The pyramid is amazing. I learned about them through a friend and I couldn’t be happier about my purchase. It’s an amazing tool and has helped my meditation be more profound. The set up is very simple and easy to put away after use. I was afraid about how it would fit, but it’s collapsable and can stand in any size closet. Thank you Inner Fire!"

—New York, NY • 11/9/18  (Giza 42)

"We used if on stage with musicians at our small festival and it was a hit. We use it as part of my wife’s energy guy healing and for our weekly meditation. Everyone wants to be under it to experience the energy magnification."

—Tarboro, NC • 11/9/18  (Giza 71)

"WE LOVE IT. I got this as a wedding gift for my (now) husband as he is really into spiritual healing and metaphysics. We have used this multiple times together and he uses it every day. We love our pyramid and it truly is beneficial for growth and enlightenment. High recommend getting one. Not to mention Ben was amazing to work with. He does a good job and has great customer service. Very pleased with my experience ."

—Rolling Meadows, IL • 11/8/18  (Giza 50)

"True attention to detail!! Perfect pyramid for sitting under or lying down on massage table."

—Monmouth, IL • 10/13/18  (Giza 71)

"Just great; just as advertised; also storage is perfect as well when not in use."

—Harvey, LA • 10/9/18  (Giza 38)


Jul, Aug, Sep

Jul, Aug, Sep

Jul, Aug, Sep

"A wonderful pyramid that is very well made. Many thanks."

—Singleton, Australia • 9/22/18  (Nubian 64)

"If you are on the fence, just go for it. This pyramid upgraded my meditation experience, I couldn’t be happier! Thank you."

—Philadelphia, PA • 9/21/18  (Nubian 64)

"Wonderful. So handy to fold up and put in a corner when not in use. I look forward to doing more with it, but have put crystals in with me. Also was nice as there were two of us plus two dogs. Calming for all of us. Did find I needed about twenty minutes to feel the pressure being lifted off my shoulders. Just love it!"

—Berlin, WI • 9/14/18  (Giza 42)

"Wonderful energy. When I am tired at the end of the day just fifteen minutes under the pyramid restores me. My clients say they feel their cells buzzing with life."

—Santa Rosa, CA • 9/13/18  (Giza 71)

"I use my pyramid to do meditation, biofeedback tuning with Solfeggio Tuning Forks, and I also sleep under it. Best sleep in a long time. Thank you."

—Los Angeles, CA • 9/10/18  (Giza 61)

"The Pyramid is BEAUTIFUL. I won’t take a photo because it’s being used atm, however, the design is ingenious and the shipping was quick. The instructions were easy to follow. I love how once it’s set up you can use it for virtually anything, including charging your stones as well as amplifying your meditation results. Thanks so much for making this available. Much appreciated."

—Starkville, MS • 8/31/18  (Giza 42)


"Been using it everyday since it came. I’m loving it. <3 <3 <3 "

—Beaufort, SC • 8/30/18  (Giza 42)

"The pyramid helps me sleep. I have suffered from insomnia since I was young. I wish I had known about this sooner. The pyramid takes me to another world, a better world. It has enriched my life. It has given me a deeper insight and wisdom on a higher plane of existence."

—St. Louis, MO • 8/25/18  (Giza 71)

"Best service, best quality, fast shipping and great communication. Really can’t give enough of a raving review. These pyramids are powerful!"

—Charlestown, MA • 7/27/18  (Nubian 64)

"My family and I really enjoy our meditation pyramid. It is so simple to set up. Our doggie even sits under it at times. Glad to have found Inner Fire Pyramids."

—Dolton, IL • 7/25/18  (Giza 46)

"Love my pyramid!!!! Excellent packaging!!!"

—Fairfield, CA • 7/19/18  (Nubian 64)

"I experienced profound joy and inner peace while meditating in the Giza Pyramid. It was a true awakening."

—Stillwater, MN • 7/18/18  (Giza 42)


Apr, May, Jun

Apr, May, Jun

Apr, May, Jun

"I bought this as a graduation present for my daughter, who will be getting her yoga certification next year. She loves it! It is big enough for her to do yoga inside the pyramid and I think her new bed will fit inside it as well! She is thrilled! Thank you so much for this custom made pyramid for her!"

—Milford, OH • 6/22/18  (Giza 61)

"Perfect for sitting under in meditation. Very strong and easy to use. Set-up is a snap. We love this thing!"

—Denver, CO • 5/29/18  (Giza 46)

"The energy inside the pyramid is powerful. I meditate in it every morning, which sets me up for the day. I would recommend these pyramids to everyone. Benjamin has been very helpful. Well worth the money. Blessings."

—Lancashire, UK • 5/27/18  (Giza 61)

"Amazing product that is well designed. Very happy with my purchase."

—Dubai, UAE • 5/10/18  (Nubian 64)


"Easily put together. Love the copper and ingenuity. Larger than I was thinking, so I can only use it outdoors when the weather quits raining. Should be sunny later this week and I can focus on using it. It has a great feel to it."

—Chico, CA • 4/17/18  (Giza 42)

"Everything happens quietly, in silence and in listening to the silent "voice" inside me while inside the pyramid."

—Pesaro, Italy • 4/11/18  (Nubian 86)

"I have enjoyed using my pyramid for meditation, yoga and relaxation."

—Austin, TX • 4/6/18  (Nubian 64)

"This pyramid is amazing! I love this pyramid! It’s beautiful and takes only a minute to set up. It’s perfect. I meditate more often and for longer periods of time within this special structure. And it takes up so little space but has the perfect amount of sitting room. So happy to have found this. Received it well packaged and in a timely manner. I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s wonderful!"

—Asheville, NC • 4/4/18  (Nubian 64)

"Nice capstone! I am using this in one corner of my pyramid."

—Hayden, ID • 4/4/18  (Vesuvanite Capstone)


Jan, Feb, Mar

Jan, Feb, Mar

Jan, Feb, Mar

"This pyramid fits very well in my small space. Very well made and easy to set up and take down. I do feel a difference sitting under it. I highly recommend this pyramid!"

—Hayden, ID • 4/3/18  (Nubian 86)

"I love this pyramid. Its small footprint fits nicely on the floor in my bedroom. I also like the fact that the pyramid folds nicely and fits back into the shipping tube. It's easy to put up and take down so that the floor space is available when I’m not using the pyramid, and it's easy to store. I meditate in it every morning. It's affordable and I like that it is made in America by hand. I would definitely buy another pyramid from this company."

—United States • 3/22/18  (Giza 38)

"It did make a shift in the meditation. I like the fact that I can add another stone on top as well."

—New York, NY • 3/15/18  (Chakra Pendant)

"Great and good service and quick delivery. I will recommend this pyramid to all people, that wish to be more aligned with their inner being."

—Sandnes, Norway • 2/12/18  (Giza 50)

"I love it. Easy to store and to assemble in seconds. Large enough for supine and upright meditation. I believe it has intensified my meditation as well as help keep my crystals charged."

—United States • 2/11/18  (Giza 38)

"The pyramid came in perfect condition and went up far easier than I ever imagined. It's such a beautiful addition to my space, and I can easily fold it up when needed. Thank you for making such a compact, functional pyramid! I didn't think I could fit one in my space until I found your website. You would think I had it custom designed to fit! It's truly the perfect size, and the Nubian style makes it completely functional with little to no unusable space."

—United States • 2/5/18  (Nubian 64)

"I've tried different items at different areas like candles and crystals, different capstones too. What works the best for me, is having an orgonite pyramid in the center under the peak and meditating there with it between my crossed legs. I can sense the buzz, really enjoy the frequency. I finally was able to receive via clairaudience for the first time. Super easy to set up, take down, and transport. A+ for me. The other day when I used it, I opened my eyes to find one of my dogs at each of 2 corners. The cats always come around when I'm meditating. It's harmony for sure. I love it. "

—Orchard Park, NY • 2/4/18  (Giza 42)


"It's great every time I get in the pyramid. Would recommend for everyone to get one. I am considering, down the line, to get the 86 as well. The ease of the 64 is priceless for daily use."

—New York, NY • 1/25/18  (Nubian 64)

"Excellent quality!!"

—Miramar, FL • 1/25/18  (Giza 71)

"Wonderful energy. I absolutely love my pyramid. The energy is whatever you need it to be. It has certainly changed my meditations. The energy flows and pools around me. Thank you very much."

—United Kingdom • 1/24/18  (Giza 61)

"Our second purchase from this seller. LOVE this pyramid. Soundly constructed yet light enough to be portable. Great seller communication (and vibe) ... can't say enough good things about this pyramid."

—Vincennes, IN • 1/7/18  (Giza 42)

"What an amazing instrument. I am blown away by my interactions with the pyramid! Having researched pyramids for the past year I had no idea something on this "small scale" would harness gravitational/electromagnetic energy so well. The energy was instant upon setting it up. The best part is it resonates so well you don't have to sit underneath it to feel the affect. I couldn't be happier with the pyramid and it's so easy to assemble. I can't wait to see the long term affects it has on my family and I. I am going to purchase one for the floatation therapy center I run so customers can have the opportunity to be centered before their floats. Thanks so much to Inner Fire Pyramids! Be part of the revolution!!"

—Perth, Australia • 1/1/18  (Nubian 86)

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