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"My husband bought this pyramid for me for my birthday. It arrived yesterday. I’m thrilled. It inspires me to meditate more often. The only advice I would give is that it’s a good idea to read the assembly instructions. In my excitement I dove in, connected the pieces without thinking, and concluded that the pyramid was defective. Nope. It goes together just fine if you take your time and follow the directions. Truly the perfect gift."

—Fredericksburg, VA • 12/9/2017  (Giza 46)

"I love my pyramid and can't wait to use it for shows. :) "

—Toronto, Canada • 11/17/2017  (Giza 71)

"This is amazing! I am a shaman and couldn’t believe how it opened up more access energetically during meditation and ritual. I just purchased another larger pyramid for my sanctuary with others. It’s wonderful and will enhance anything you do in the order of the light!"

—United States • 11/8/2017  (Giza 46)

"I absolutely love my pyramid! Such awesome work for a reasonable price. Easy to set up and take down as well. Definitely an A+ purchase. If you're considering buying, stop thinking about it and just do it. You'll be glad you did!"

—Bedford, NH • 11/8/2017  (Giza 71)

"This Nubian pyramid was one of two that I purchased (the other one a Giza). These units are custom made and of excellent quality. The customer service is top notch as well. I highly recommend this company if you're interested in a meditation pyramid."

—Flagstaff, AZ • 10/23/2017  (Nubian 64)

"As a scientist with a PhD, I have been extremely interested in the literature discussing the ancient use of pyramids for energy production, and on a smaller scale, their potential for providing healing energy for personal use. I have experimented with numerous individuals and assessed their subjective perception while in the pyramid of the sensation of energy. Everyone has reported the perception of energy, notably from their neck up through their heads, and as it being a pleasant feeling. I personally feel the same sensation of energy have been using the pyramids (both Giza and Nubian frames) extensively and feel it is having a positive effect on my health. I am excited about my purchase and the therapeutic potential of pyramids. "

—Rocky Point, NY • 9/30/2017  (Nubian 64)

"I love my pyramid. It is very powerful."

—United States • 9/27/2017  (Giza 42)

"Excellent service. Very prompt. Great products."

—Surrey, UK • 9/23/2017  (Nubian 64)

"Pyramid arrived a few days early. Love it. Easy to set up. I loved that it was affordable compared to others out there."

—United States • 8/10/2017  (Giza 38)

"This pyramid is an excellent tool. I purchased it to use with clients, so the portability is perfect for travel sessions. I have had a number of professional peers (energy workers), and other friends who are pretty new to subtle energy, try it out and all are surprised at what they experience. The energy inside is very palpable to us. Without exception they have described it as feeling like a portal. Being able to swap in various capstones of different types is really wonderful. I feel like I have a brand new way to explore crystal energies."

—Makawao, HI • 8/10/2017  (Giza 46)

"Sat in my pyramid this morning. What an experience. My whole body was tingling and started to gently pulsate like a vortex. I had crystals placed in it as well. The energy absolutely amazing! My Birman cats sit in it too."

—Australia • 8/9/2017  (Giza 38)

"Easy to set up in seconds. I charge my stones in it as well as meditating in it. I definitely feel the recharge!!"

—United States • 8/9/2017  (Giza 38)

"I am totally amazed at how much the pyramid has enhanced my meditation and healing. So far, I have used it to alleviate and prevent migraines as well as every day for general well-being and relaxation! I find it a different experience each time I meditate, and I can't imagine a day when I don't lie under it and enjoy its power and healing!"

—Gerrards Cross, UK • 8/9/2017  (Giza 42)

"Amazing energy, sitting in the pyramid. l am so happy I bought one."

—Mackay, Australia • 8/04/2017  (Giza 38)

"Awesome energetic tool. I use my pyramid for meditation, yoga, reading/studying, just hanging out - it's large enough to accommodate a myriad of activities comfortably. Also, my cats LOVE to stretch out in the pyramid - they feel totally relaxed! Many thanks. Beautifully crafted, easily assembled, and wonderful customer service!! All the best."

—Pittsboro. NC • 7/20/2017  (Giza 61)

"Got this with the non-slip base. Works great!"

—Dripping Springs, TX • 7/6/2017  (Clear Quartz Capstone)

"Easy to assemble, works well. Concentrates the energy effectively. Can strongly recommend."

—United States • 6/27/2017  (Nubian 64)

"Love it. Very calming and helps expand my meditation. Going to try putting water in it for a healthy boost."

—Boise, ID • 6/21/2017  (Giza 46)

"The energy is palpable. I'm happy with my pyramid. Will need to use for months before I can formulate a thorough opinion. I can feel the energy in it and that amazes me. Even my hubby, who does not meditate, could feel the energy as soon as he stepped into the center. It's pretty cool."

—Blaine, WA • 6/8/2017  (Giza 42)

"I'm delighted with this pyramid."

—United States • 6/8/2017  (Nubian 64)

"It was easy to set up, great design system and looks beautiful. A wind chime sent from a friend the day after I set up the pyramid seemed the perfect 'capstone'. Now just need to spend more time in it."

—Roeland Park. KS • 6/8/2017  (Nubian 86)

"Yes! to pyramids. Benjamin is very responsive and listens to the needs of his clients."

—Switzerland • 6/7/2017  (Giza 46)

"Just great. Arrived in the estimated time. Simple to put together, no dramas. Simply the all around best deal - after two failed attempts elsewhere to get the 'right one' for me, could not be happier. The energy of this one is so powerful - just sit and relaxation happens with no effort. Stress and illness go together - I am recommending these to everyone I come across who needs some down time to chill out and survive these challenging times on the planet. Keep up the good work."

—Australia • 6/7/2017  (Nubian 64)

"I really like the pyramid. It is quite large and takes up my living room which is okay. I try meditating and I keep falling asleep. I like it. The product was well packaged for shipping."

—United States • 6/6/2017  (Giza 46)

"I loved the great customer service they provided. I love my pyramid. "

—Aurora, CO • 6/6/2017  (Nubian 64)

"I'm really impressed with the large Nubian pyramid. In truth, I haven't yet set up the large Giza. But during the assembly, I had a download of some kind of energy when I first stood under the apex. I actually needed to step out in order to stabilize myself. I am wearing two hefty copper torcs on my arms to relieve pain, which might have contributed to the energies during setup. Since then, I usually meditate with my head 2/3 up the structure on a tall chair. For years when I meditate, I usually lose consciousness. Now, under the Nubian, I don't lose consciousness, but my mind chatter seems distant much more than ever before. It's almost like my mind is quiet or unimportant. It is very pleasant and not boring or distracting. I really like this new acquisition. It is well made, easy to assemble, holds its shape, and is easily movable. I was thrilled when I could purchase both styles with Benjamin's discount. He was ready, also, to make a bigger pyramid to fit my bed. He was so accommodating and very prompt in answering my emails! A good craftsman as well as a good business man. Thank you, Benjamin!"

—Zanesville, OH • 6/6/2017  (Nubian 86)

"Supercharge your meditation with a pyramid and supercharge your pyramid with a capstone! Excellent product. Best customer service I have ever encountered. A fantastic product which has enriched my life immensely."

—Vancouver, Canada • 6/5/2017  (Clear Quartz Capstone)

"Fantastic! Easy to set up and break down. Using it daily."

—Studio City, CA • 3/20/2017  (Giza 46)

"I got my pyramid for my birthday. Benjamin was very nice about answering questions for me when I contacted him. Thank you, Benjamin! The 64 I ordered needs no assembly and I noticed it helps me to focus."

—Ferndale, MI • 3/14/2017  (Nubian 64)

"This pyramid is a game changer. We love it. Great quality and great customer service. Kindly shipped at light speed to make my husband's birthday. Our meditations aren't the same. Thank you!"

—Bronx, NY • 3/8/2017  (Giza 46)

"It's perfect! Exactly as described and super easy to set up."

—Fair Oaks, CA • 2/18/2017  (Nubian 64)

"Fantastic and favorite Christmas gift. We definitely over did it and felt headaches. But simple adjustments and we are back up and using the pyramid! Easy to spread out, even while solo, in about 3 minutes total. Be gentle and it will last a really long time!"

— United States • 1/3/2017  (Giza 46)

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