Nubian Pyramids for Standing. Copper Nubian, Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation

Nubian Pyramids for Standing

Below is a table showing our Nubian Pyramids for standing.

Nubian Pyramids for Standing

  86-Inch Apex Nubian – Greenville, SC • USA (2016)

Nubian Pyramids for Standing Meditation

64" 86"
$165 $185
45″ 60″

Table Info: ↓ Apex / Price / Base (feet, square). Pyramids in gray do not apply.

Nubian Pyramids for Standing (86)

The only Nubian that will work for standing is the 86-Inch Apex model. The 71-Inch Apex Giza model will work for some, and yet the floor space required is significant (10 x 10). If you are fairly tall, the 71 will feel too cramped. In the end, for standing, the 86 is the best we have to offer for standing meditation. If you prefer the Nubian energy, the 86 is versatile. You can sit, use a chair, lie down with legs crossed and even stand.

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