Nubian Pyramids for Sitting. Copper Nubian Pyramids for Seated Postures

Nubian Pyramids for Sitting

Below is a table showing our Nubian Pyramids for sitting.

Nubian Pyramids for Sitting

  86-Inch Apex Nubian – Vancouver, BC • Canada (2017)

Nubian Pyramids for Sitting, Seated Postures

64" 86"
$165 $185
45″ 60″

Table Info: ↓ Apex / Price / Base (feet, square). Pyramids in gray do not apply.

Nubian Pyramids for Sitting (64, 86)

Both of our Nubian Pyramids work well for sitting (with any number of pillows). Both will also accommodate a chair. Because of the difference in slope, having enough available floor space is not as much an issue as it is with the Giza Pyramids. The Nubian 64 comes ready to use, whereas the Nubian 86 requires assembly. The advantage of the 86 is obvious, as it offers so much more room.

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