Giza Pyramids for Yoga Practice, Postures. Copper Pyramids for Yoga.

Giza Pyramids for Yoga

Below is a table showing our Giza Pyramids for Yoga Practice.

Giza Pyramids for Yoga

  50-Inch Apex Giza – Camarillo, CA • US (2016)

Giza Pyramids for Yoga

38" 42" 46" 50" 61" 71"
$125 $135 $165 $165 $185 $210
5.5′ 6.0′ 6.5′ 7.0′ 9.0′ 10.0′

Table Info: ↓ Apex / Price / Base (feet, square). Pyramids in gray do not apply.

Giza Pyramids for Yoga (50, 61, 71)

For specs and details on these pyramids, follow these links:

There are three pyramids large enough for stretching or yoga practice, all of which require assembly. And, though seven feet square (Giza 50) is a good amount of space to move around in, nine feet (Giza 61) is better– and ten feet (Giza 71) better still. In any case, please double-check to be sure you have enough available floor space.

For standing yoga postures, one may well need the 71-Inch (Practitioner’s Pyramid). 72 inches is 6 feet and the apex is 71, so individuals with a height closer to five feet may be able to make this work. For postures nearer the floor, it will work very well.

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