Giza Pyramids for Lying Down. Meditation in Supine.

Copper Pyramids– Giza, Supine

Below is a table showing our Giza Pyramids for lying down (supine position).

Copper Giza Pyramids for Lying Down

  38-Inch Apex Giza – Fort Collins, CO • USA (2011)

Giza Pyramids for Lying Down

38" 42" 46" 50" 61" 71"
$125 $135 $165 $165 $185 $210
5.5′ 6.0′ 6.5′ 7.0′ 9.0′ 10.0′

Table Info: ↓ Apex / Price / Base (feet, square). Pyramids in gray do not apply.

Copper Giza Pyramids for Lying Down (All)

For specs and details on these pyramids, follow the links below:

38-Inch – Cross legs to stay inside parameter.

42-Inch – Lying at an angle, fully inside.
46-Inch – If shorter than six feet, fully inside.
50-Inch – If shorter than seven feet, fully inside.

61-Inch – Fully inside.
71-Inch – Fully inside.

Many choose to sleep under their pyramids. Below is a graphic, from an overhead perspective, showing mattress sizes and floor space allowance– for those Giza pyramids that are large enough. If, however, you are interested in pairing up a pyramid with your bed (including the frame), have a look at our article on pyramids placed over beds.

Sleeping Inside a Copper Pyramid (46-, 50-, 61- and 71-Inch Apex)

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