Copper Pyramids for Meditation, Healing and Energy Work.

Copper Pyramids for Meditation

Welcome to Inner Fire. We build copper pyramids and ship them worldwide. We’ll have built 1000 pyramids by the end of 2017.

We started building pyramids in the 80’s and opened our online store in 2011. Our customers enjoy meditation and energy work. They love their copper pyramids. And, in appreciation, they’ve left us over one hundred five-star copper pyramid reviews.

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Choosing a Pyramid

Copper Pyramids for MeditationCopper Pyramids for Meditation

Which pyramid model is best for your practice, Giza or Nubian? We offer several sizes of each. Click on the images above to have a closer look. Want to understand more about pyramid angles or the difference, energetically, between Giza and Nubian pyramids? For information on these and any other question or concern, try our FAQ and/or articles of support. If you don’t find an answer there, feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Walk Me Through My Options, Please

Get to know our pyramids by model, size and what activity each pyramid supports, whether meditation, meditation with pillows, yoga, standing meditation, or healing. Start our walk-thru or dive into our copper pyramid store where you’ll find product details and specifications on each pyramid. Below are two of our most popular pyramids. The 46-Inch Apex Giza (left) ships in a PVC tube and comes ready to use. Just pull it out and start meditating.

Copper Pyramids for MeditationCopper Pyramids for Meditation