2014—2015 Reviews

2014—2015 Reviews

2014—2015 Reviews

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  • 2014, 2015 Reviews
  • 2014, 2015 Reviews
  • 2014, 2015 Reviews
  • 2014, 2015 Reviews
2014, 2015 Reviews 2014, 2015 Reviews 2014, 2015 Reviews

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"It's wonderful! The energy is great under it. So easy to store away and travel with. Can't beat the price either."

—Scotrun, PA - United States • 12/3/2015   (Giza 46)

"Thank you! I love my copper pyramid."

—Gaffney, SC - United States • 12/1/2015   (Giza 42)

"Perfect size!!! Thanks."

—Winston Salem, NC - United States • 11/10/2015   (Giza 61)

"I like the size of the pyramid. It is perfect for me at 5'3". I could feel a lot of energy at my crown chakra while I was in it. My cats like it too. One of them slept in it yesterday while I was in it and he kept on sleeping in it after I got out."

— Parkersburg, WV - United States • 10/31/2015   (Giza 38)

"Perfectly crafted with tangible intent for enlightenment, and with lots of care and love. :) Extraordinary protection was taken for a safe journey to my home. We set it up with ease, thanks to Benjamin's clear instructions. Experiencing deep meditations surrounded by my beloved crystals, and our three cats like to sit under there with me, sensitive creatures that they are to good energy. Thank you, Benjamin, for this lifetime tool for raising one's consciousness! Great communication from him during the making of the pyramid, too. Fully delighted!!"

—Dallas, TX - United States • 10/19/2015   (Giza 46)

"I love my meditation pyramid. I bought a large one so that I could lay down flat and be comfortable. Sitting up I could fit four adults! I've hung crystals from the peak and put others around the perimeter. First time I tried it my nose and upper lip where buzzing. Easy to store and move about. Great product!!!"

—Shillington, PA - United States • 10/16/2015   (Giza 46)

"I just received mine yesterday, and it was very easy to open. It is beautiful and even my two dogs love it. It is very light, so I will be taking it with me outdoors or when I travel overseas. I noticed right away that there is a time stamp when each copper pipe was made and one of them was made at 11:11 :))) what a sign. I recommend this product to everyone. Thank you Benjamin for your beautiful work. Blessings."

—Las Vegas, NV - United States • 8/11/2015   (Giza 46)

"Love it...it was a challenge to open it… but after I did it was easy...it is very nice and has foot caps on so it will not scratch my floors...I love that it is portable... I just wish I was better able to sit under it… but I can lie down under it, so I am so grateful as it will assist my heart chakra. Good work, I will recommend this vendor... I am so happy with it. And loved that it was saged prior to shipping to me that is a huge service plus… Thank You!!!!"

—Miami, FL - United States • 7/14/2015   (Giza 38)

"Before purchasing the Giza-based 42in. apex portable pyramid, I had a few dialogues with the seller. He always replied quickly & was very kind & helpful. He designed the structure & mailed it promptly. This pyramid is spacious when set up, yet can easily be folded & put away, when not in use. The pyramid puts out an incredible amount of energy! I'm very happy with my purchase & the whole buying experience! I LOVE this pyramid!!!"

—Hammond, IN - United States • 6/14/2015   (Giza 42)

"I love this beautiful copper pyramid (38"). I love it because it's good looking, well-constructed, portable (yay!) and love that you made it by hand-- super creative. I feel a definite good, clear 'vibe' and it helps with my intentions. Sometimes I just sit and meditate inside and other times, I play a crystal bowl or invite others to lie down for a healing session. Also, it was as described, delivered on time and well packaged!"

—Portland, ME - United States • 6/12/2015   (Giza 38)

"I love this pyramid, I sit in it for an hour a day, and this week at work, I wasn't feeling as sore and tired as I usually have been, I attribute this to the pyramid. Love It."

—Seattle, WA - United States • 5/1/2015   (Giza 46)

"I love it this pyramid already my sleep has been peaceful and wonderful. I've added crystals for different effects. The design is beautiful and all three of my dogs love being inside of the pyramid with me. Great job thank you."

—Orlando, FL - United States • 4/26/2015   (Giza 46)

"I haven't used it yet! But it's exactly as advertised."

—Nanaimo, - Canada / 3/27/2015   (Giza 46)

"just got my pyramid up , it was so easy, thank you, I know that I will love it!!!"

—Antlers, OK - United States • 3/16/2015   (Giza 38)

"This copper pyramid was shipped as described. It was easy to assemble and start using right away. The energy that comes from this pyramid is amazing. Thanks!"

—Rochester, MN - United States • 2/25/2015   (Giza 38)

"Awesome construction and ease of use + portability. Benjamin is a class act. Great to communicate with. Prompt, helpful, friendly. Thank you very much."

—Glendale, WI - United States • 2/15/2015   (Giza 38)

"Absolutely fabulous pyramid. I'm thinking of pyramiding everything. I'm so glad I found you. Namaste."

—Jefferson, CO - United States • 9/14/2014   (Giza 46)

"I love everything about this! It is a wonderful way to get in touch with the subtle energies that flow around you. Great for charging crystals, cleansing your mind/body/soul, excellent for sleeping! I highly recommend it, it shipped right on time! Thank you again Benjamin."

—Madison , WI - United States • 8/25/2014   (Giza 38)

"I'm very pleased with my purchase. Item arrived shipped securely. I had the pyramid out from the box in less than a minute and it only took another minute to set it up. I used it for meditation soon afterward and was very pleased by the enhanced flow of energy the pyramid evoked. I smudged the area with sage and set my crystals within the area and all was well. My pets (cats and a dog) all took turns sitting or lying beneath it and they seemed to enjoy it also. I highly recommend this product."

—Pasadena, TX - United States • 5/14/2014   (Giza 38)

"Has arrived and I can't wait to try it! Will probably edit this review when I know more. "

—Spokane, WA - United States • 04/08/14   (Giza 46)

"This is an cleverly designed pyramid. There's nothing to put together; you just unfold it and it's ready to use. Since I started using the pyramid, I have begun to remember my dreams on a consistent basis for the first time. It's fun to experiment with!"

—Clearlake, CA - United States • 03/09/14   (Giza 38)

"It's well crafted and beautiful. Thank you!"

—North Miami Beach, FL - United States • 2/24/2014   (Giza 38)

"Perfect. Great service, communication, quality, packaging. I am going to order one more pyramid for my second house."

—Phoenix, AZ - United States • 02/05/14   (Giza 46)

"So happy with my pyramid! Exactly as expected, great construction and super fast shipping. Thank you so much!!"

—Scottsdale, AZ - United States • 1/25/2014   (Giza 46)

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