Pyramid Shapes, Angles and Frequencies

—Benjamin Dean © 2016

A question I'm often asked by potential customers is whether a particular pyramid's angle of slope is 51.83 degrees (or a similar number). This is an important question because what they are looking for is a copper pyramid that is modeled after the Great Pyramid of Giza. After all, pyramids can operate at many angles and still be pyramids, yet the angles of the Great Pyramid carry a particularly significant vibration.

It's true that a pyramid's angles are important, but I believe that focusing on the science of it can easily distract us from deeper considerations. Not all pyramids in the world (let alone the pyramids of Egypt) follow this particular degree. I don't believe this is an accident, but instead a matter of preference or intuitive guidance. For example, I believe the Giza dimensions are linked vibrationally to the heart chakra, and, as the heart chakra is actually made up of a number of smaller chakras (their positions along the spine covering a vertical range), we should take pause before insisting on an exact degree and consider instead a range of degrees. And when picking out a pyramid, you might allow your intuition to help guide you in your decision.

The Great Pyramid of Giza - 51.83 Degree Slope

In my experience, anything in the general area of 49 to 52 degrees carries an equally strong impact on us developmentally, with subtle yet noticeable variations. The fact is, nobody can fully explain how or why pyramids work so incredibly. Nature remains quite the mystery, relying on diversity "imperfection" to form its bonds as it develops and sustains organisms. Science, on the other hand, resists "imperfection" wholeheartedly. Nature uses math to express its own sense of possibility and will eternally evade the perfect circle in order to continue exploring.

Choosing Science or Meditation

Interest in pyramids (and their power and energy) continues to grow. What grows alongside this interest (and subsequent expansion of the subject) is doubt. The doubters want proof. This, in turn, triggers a more scientific approach to the subject. This would all be fine except that those of us on the periphery ready to give this strange new idea a college try, stop, wait and eventually lose interest.

There are a million reasons not to try these pyramids and only one reason to try them— just as there are millions of reasons to never meditate. It is our prevailing thought patterns (most at risk and most needing to change through meditation) that fight like hell to convince us that sitting still and quiet is pointless and these thoughts usually win. After all, there are so many more obviously productive things we all could be doing (sarcasm).

The issue of the exact degrees of the angles of a side of a pyramid is a similar issue. Since 1983 when I built my first replica of the Great Pyramid (according to all of the available data) I have spent exactly zero more time on it. Instead, I've been avidly meditating under various pyramids and working on myself.

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