Pyramid Reviews (2011—2013)

"This is a quality product that is easy to assemble. Carefully follow Benjamin's instructions for opening the shipment so you don't accidentally damage or cut the wires; removing the tape is the hardest part. Inside the pyramid I almost immediately felt its energy. In having tried various healing modalities over the years - like a Magnetic Bracelet, Q-Link, Bioelectric Shield, and Takionic Beads. I have to say that I find Pyramid Energy, which is a form of focused electromagnetic energy (as opposed to Chi/Ki/Prana which comes from Spirit), is more nurturing and beneficial than any other physical healing modality! All who are mystically inclined or simply want to improve their well-being should invest in one of Benjamin's Meditation Pyramids! Namaste."

—Manassas, VA - United States • 11/26/2013   (Giza 38)

"Absolutely LOVE this Pyramid! Benjamin makes a beautiful high quality product worth any wait! The energy is amazing. I sat in it and did not want to get out. You probably could fit 2 people in it at once. lol My friends both healers and intuitives were blown away by the energy of it. I love that fact that it is portable & you can put it up & take it down & even take it with you if you choose too. I cannot recommend enough this pyramid for any Reiki master healer etc. It is amazing. Benjamin's communication was awesome he kept me apprized of progress and shipping time. I am so pleased!!! Benjamin please make smaller table top ones too & I will be your first customer!! Thanks!"

—Highland, NY - United States • 10/17/2013   (Giza 46)

"I am very happy with the pyramid! it was made and shipped very thoughtfully, and arrived full of positive energy. I totally enjoy meditating in it. I have a long torso, so I chose the larger Giza so my head wouldn't bump against the top, glad I did that! I was so excited when it arrived, and have left it up in a quiet room, and it seems to charge the room with all kinds of great energy. But I love that I can easily collapse it, and either lean it in the corner, or store it in the shipping box. I would totally recommend this to anyone!"

—Portland, OR - United States • 8/13/2013   (Giza 46)

"Exactly as described, thanks a lot."

—Center Moriches, NY - United States • 7/21/2013   (Giza 38)

"I am thrilled to have my pyramid, super easy to unpack and set up."

—Minturn, CO - United States • 6/26/2013   (Giza 46)

"The product was delivery in a timely manner and cuts and drills were neat and clean."

—Cleveland, OH - United States • 6/15/2013   (Giza 38)

"Great design, so easy, we love it! Thank you :) "

—Los Angeles, CA - United States • 5/10/2013   (Giza 46)

"It's Fantastic! I love it!"

—West Des Moines, IA - United States • 1/31/2013   (Giza 46)

"Thank you so much for such a great pyramid! I love it! What an amazing invention!! Blessings! <3 "

—Granada Hills, CA - United States • 1/22/2013   (Giza 46)

"I am very happy with the copper pyramid that I purchased for healing and meditation purposes. I had seen other pyramids on the web before but they were too big, heavy and expensive. You can easily move it around the house. Benjamin has crafted a simple and functional pyramid that works well. I recommend his product highly! )*( ."

—Montpelier, VT - United States • 11/11/2012   (Giza 38)

"Received the pyramid today and everything is just as you described of course; unpacking made easy with your instructions. Just sat inside for a few minutes with a very large green apophyllite and now feel extremely relaxed. Looking forward to a longer session. You're brilliant Benjamin! Thank you very much!"

—Dallas, TX - United States • 10/21/2012   (Giza 38)

"the instructions on how to open LIFESAVER. i love the energy it had coming out of the box. Currently charging it- hoping to do a session in the next 48 hours n."

—Copperas Cove, TX - United States • 10/11/2012   (Giza 38)

"Fantastic copper pyramid! Well built and arrived promptly! I highly recommend this seller!"

—Hawthorne, CA - United States • 9/24/2012   (Giza 38)

"I am now the delighted owner of a Benjamin Dean portable meditation pyramid. Thank you Benjamin! For those considering buying, this item was shipped and arrived in a timely fashion and is exactly as described. It's simple, practical design means I can take it with me and use it anywhere, anytime and even to share it with others. As we say in Canada...'Beauty'! :-) :-) ."

—Victoria, Canada •08/09/2012   (Giza 46)

"Thanks so much Benjamin. The pyramid arrived quickly (about 2 1/2 weeks, coming to Canada). Slept in it last night - had some powerful dreaming, and new clarity re a new business venture. Will be using it to travel - "have pyramid, will travel".. thanks again for a terrific product, and great service. Blessings."

—Orillia, Canada •08/04/2012   (Giza 38)

"Outstanding. phenomenal work!"

—Honolulu, HI - United States • 04/05/2012   (Giza 38)

"Thank you! I appreciate your work. Fast shipment. I recommend getting a tesla coil generator, to you and anyone else that has a copper pyramid. It works along with the copper pyramid, other metals, and SUPERCHARGES the body's cells and is a safe way to play with lighting."

—Chicago, IL - United States • 3/15/2012   (Giza 38)

"Wonderful transaction. Fast delivery. Am so pleased with my purchase. nHighly recommend!"

—Goshen, KY - United States • 6/14/2011   (Giza 38)

"Fantastic !!! Made w/ love and care. Sturdy case. Great deal with fast shipping! I set it up under a minute. Many thx for both of them!"

—Lafayette, LA - United States • 6/14/2011   (Giza 38)

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