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61-Inch Apex Pyramid Healing Session

61-Inch Apex Pyramid Healing Session, Belgium

To suggest that pyramids have healing properties requires that we examine our definition of "healing." It is my opinion that healing occurs through any experience that encourages us live a more realized life– mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. If you accept this philosophy, a sunset has healing properties. This approach to the healing process allows me to comfortably assert that these pyramids are no exception. However, as a realistic and sober perspective is essential when it comes to matters of health care, it is important that we issue the following disclaimer regarding our products.

Pyramid Healing Properties Disclaimer:  Though pyramids have much to offer energetically and vibrationally– all who purchase pyramids, being personally responsible for their own health care, are under obligation to understand that these pyramids are never to be considered a viable substitute for proper medical attention.

If pressed to explain exactly how pyramids work to heal, I'll begin with a short answer very like those listed under each pyramid's specifications: "Pyramids encourage a recovery of the natural alignment and positive expression of our energy centers." I use the word "encourage" because, though a pyramid may be exercising its influence energetically, we are still quite capable of resisting that challenge when sensing the challenge to rebalance the unbalanced. To refer to our previous example, we are quite free to ignore sunsets our entire adult life.

Copper Pyramid Healing Properties

As for the healing process in general, it is my firm belief that (in most cases) the body would naturally remain balanced and whole on all levels if it were not for our tendency, as a species, to work against those natural energetic patterns by either over-emphasizing (pushing) or under-expressing (thwarting), largely due to the mental patterns (ideas) that get stuck in our heads. These often subtle, yet pervasive, ideas that then lead us to conform, suppress– in short, to fear.

A pyramid, like a good massage, can bring issues to the surface consciousness, and call upon us to revisit what we have pushed down, that we may process that which has yet to be fully lived. One might argue that this is the case with all successful energy work as these energy patterns left to themselves (undistorted) would otherwise keep the natural system running in accordance with a harmony-seeking nature. Without any real processing, sustainable recovery would understandably be less likely, as these blocks and distortions would remain.

A pyramid is like a tuning fork that the body listens to– a reminder of what had been its inherent alignment. While the pyramid reminds the body, we feel safe and generally positive inside them. Work on our energy centers means chakra cleansing and balancing, which tends to start from the bottom and work up, rising when ready for the next chakra. Kundalini, often referred to as "the serpent fire," rises as it burns and cleanses its way (more a metaphor than a sensation of heat).

Chakra after chakra, this rising energy (bent on evolving our behavioral patterns and restoring balance), cleanses and balances its way up to culminate at the crown. This can bring experiences of awakening, enlightenment or self-realization, rendering us more universally loving and compassionate. For those bent on self-healing and working primarily alone, pyramids may well offer a substitute for a guru when sensitive guidance is needed in later stages of chakra work.

Meditation, all by itself, can work wonders. Add a pyramid and you've created an energetically safe space and a tuning fork to help maintain alignment. And, just as preventative work may keep energy centers in balance, processing patterns of misdirected energy to regain a full expression of life energy could very well lead to recovery. By this logic, pyramids can indeed help us heal ourselves.

Personally, having spent over thirty years working with these pyramids, I honestly believe that I have overturned of warded off many a health crisis by dealing with energetic distortions at their onset, whether caused by potentially invasive and unbalanced external energetic patterns or from my own unforeseen unchecked narrow perspectives needing deeper attention.

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