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How Pyramids Work to Heal. What Exactly Is Going on, Energetically?

Ever wonder exactly how pyramids work to heal? Obviously, you would only ask that question if you believed they did– or at least thought that they might.  People are turning to them more and more for a sense of sacred space. Copper pyramids can be used to enhance meditation, balance chakras, promote general well-being, and …


Inner Fire Pyramids has been in the business of designing and building copper pyramids for meditation and healing for over 30 years. In 2011, due to a growing interest in meditation (and copper pyramids), we chose to open our online pyramid shop– enabling us to reach pyramid customers worldwide. Please consider the following links for more on company policies, articles that may be of interest, our view on copper pyramid healing properties and to have a look at more images for each of our pyramids. To get a sense of how happy our customers are, you may want to read a few of our over one hundred five-star reviews.


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