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2016 Reviews

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"My first 'post cleansing' meditation was nothing short of mind expanding. I felt as though my pineal gland was going to burrow its way through my forehead and get a look at things firsthand. If you are in any way unsure about whether or not to get one of these for yourself all I can say for sure is; YES, YES, YES. You will NOT regret it. This company has; hands down; the best customer service I have ever experienced bar none and he made me a deal so good I can't repeat it. If you are anything like I was when it came to meditation; it often seemed like a chore and there just wasn't enough time in the day, or maybe you have been at it for a while but are stuck in a rut; this item will cure both."

—United States • 12/29/2016  (Giza 46)

"I love the pyramid! The seller replied quickly to all my messages. The pyramid was in perfect condition and very easy to assemble. Thank you."

—United States • 12/29/2016  (Giza 42)

"Last night I meditated and slept in the pyramid for the first time. It was truly an amazing experience, especially the meditation! I also used it to charge my crystals and it worked excellent. Thanks for all your hard work and sharing this gift with the world."

—United States • 11/29/2016  (Giza 50)

"Very pleased with this pyramid. Well-made, easy to assemble and excellent communication with seller. You can't go wrong!"

—Sedona, AZ • 11/21/2016  (Giza 46)

"I take into the woods where there's a little creek and meditate. It's so easy to set up by myself. I love it."

—United States • 10/26/2016  (Giza 46)

"I am very pleased with the pyramid. My meditations, dreams, and chanting have all increased to a higher level while underneath it. Easy to assemble. This is worth the purchase :) "

—United States • 10/12/2016  (Giza 46)

"I love the pyramid! I really do feel energy when I meditate or even just sit under it."

—United States • 10/8/2016  (Giza 61)

"Love love love my pyramid. The energy is amazing and intense in here. So wonderfully crafted and easy to put together. So thankful you are making these! Have already told my friends to get theirs from you!"

—United States • 09/30/2016  (Giza 46)

"I feel a tingling during my meditations and my mind is becoming less preoccupied with negative thoughts. I enjoy the energy I feel and look forward to my meditations. Also, I am finding that I have more energy for my work."

—United States • 9/28/2016  (Giza 46)

"What a wonderful company! Beautiful product and he took the time to research some questions I had and sent me items for it! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a true healing pyramid."

—United States • 9/12/2016  (Giza 46)

"I love this pyramid. Started noticing benefits right away. Fast shipping and fits perfectly in my space. My questions to the maker of the pyramid were all answered in a very friendly and timely manner. I felt a strong connection. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

—Fairfield, IA - United States • 8/9/2016   (Giza 46)

"This is wonderful!! I have never managed to meditate for a whole thirty minutes at a time, but under this pyramid it is so easy and refreshing! I can really feel the energy there. I left it up this morning and now my dog is lying under it. Thank you so much for making these so affordable and easy to store!"

—Marietta, GA - United States • 7/23/2016   (Giza 42)

"Definitely enhances energy during meditation! "

—Prairie Du Sac, WI - United States • 7/16/2016   (Giza 46)

"The pyramid set up just as described in the video. I like it and will begin using it today! Thank you for making such a great product. "

—Brownsville, TX- United States • 6/7/2016   (Giza 50)

"Amazing work of art! The energy that flows and the life it gives is incredible. Easy to set up, and take just about anywhere. I would get more in the future as amazing gift ideas or as tools for healing!"

—Miami, FL- United States • 6/6/2016   (Giza 46)

"Indeed. VERY powerful. Not to be taken lightly. Very pleased! "

—Minneapolis, MN - United States • 6/1/2016   (Giza 42)

"Prompt delivery and well made. Easy to set up and store. Thanks! "

—Seekonk, MA - United States • 5/11/2016   (Giza 38).

"Very nice product. Thick single-piece poles and pre-assembly make for simple setup. No assembly joints. Size and use of flexible, low-profile wires on the bottom make for great portability. "

—Havre De Grace, MD - United States • 5/8/2016   (Giza 46)

"Shipped on time. One thing I love about the pyramid is that you can set it up at different angles (like if you wanted to make a steeper pyramid, to use it in a space that doesn't have as much floor space). I don't know if it's designed to be used that way, but I can feel an increase in the energy just the same. I feel so glad that I purchased it. It makes a huge difference in the energy moving through me. Even if I don't feel like meditating, if I just sit in it for a few minutes, it really calms me down and puts me into a meditative space. I highly recommend getting one. Just like he says, you can set it up and take it down in seconds. It easily stores under a bed or in a closet. "

—Austin, TX - United States • 4/19/2016   (Giza 46)

"Powerful and dynamic tool to use for spiritual growth and development. Benjamin was a pleasure to work with. Product was delivered safely and on time. We are very pleased with the purchase. We are using it with our students here at Satsang. It has been the talk of the session! "

—Greenville, NC - United States • 4/14/2016   (Giza 42)

"Excellent workmanship and talent. The artist delivered a beautiful spiritual tool on time as promised. We are very pleased with our purchase. "

—Greenville, NC - United States • 4/14/2016   (Plate)

"Thank you so much for shipping my pyramid in time to give it to my Mom for her birthday. And for responding to my concerns after the post office had misplaced it, for the great service, and quality. "

—Lynn, MA - United States • 4/9/2016   (Giza 38)

"I can FEEL the ENERGY inside the pyramid. My French Bulldog really likes chilling inside the pyramid LOL. Great Product! I Highly Recommend."

—Renton, WA - United States • 3/22/2016   (Giza 42)

"Love it! Thank you!! "

—Huntington Beach, CA - United States • 1/31/2016   (Giza 42)

"This is amazing. I purchased it for my girlfriend only a week before and not only did it show up early, it was so easy to assemble and came with a complimentary wooden pedestal for her stones. Awesome! Thanks so much and here's to universal appreciation! "

—Burbank, CA - United States • 1/30/2016   (Giza 61)

"The seller is very nice, we spoke about a few things and he answered me quickly. They pyramid itself is awesome, have already started meditating in it and it's also EXTREMELY easy to put together, probably done in five minutes! Pleasure doing business with you sir!! "

—Miami Beach, FL - United States • 1/24/2016   (Giza 42)

"Great. I had an issue with USPS. He offered to mail it again if it was sent back. He called USPS and they were able to deliver it. Thanks. I feel the difference and I meditate more often now. "

—Indianapolis, IN - United States • 1/21/2016   (Giza 61)

"Perfect! I sleep under mine every night. I can feel the energy even when I'm not under it but just near it. I have hot flashes– and I realized I hadn't had any since sleeping under it. I researched the benefits and found it balances hormones. I haven't even lined it up with magnetic north yet and it's working!!!"

—San Diego, CA - United States • 1/11/2016   (Giza 38)

"Purchases three pyramids (two smaller, one large). Kept one for myself and gave the others as gifts. Love it! And it was a very cool and much appreciated gift. Will be getting more. Very easy to set up and take down for storage. Excellent communication from seller. "

—San Diego, CA - United States • 1/11/2016   (Giza 61)

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