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To buy a pyramid for meditation means making a choice about style and size. Whether Giza or Nubian, and then how much head space you'll need. Do you use pillows? What posture? Do you lie down, sit, stretch or stand? We can help you choose, whether it's going to be meditation only, or if your practice might include yoga, massage or Reiki.

Giza Nubian

Buy a pyramid for meditation and consider Giza-style
Buy a pyramid for meditation and consider Nubian-style

Click 'Giza' or 'Nubian' – then activity, to determine size. Whether Giza or Nubian, each size allows for a certain scope of activity. This guide can help you buy a pyramid for meditation that will work best for your needs.

Choices to Make

First of all, every pyramid on this site is:

  • Built with half-inch copper pipe.
  • Designed to be portable (collapsible).
  • Equal in power, regardless of size.

Secondly, though our choice in pyramid will most likely be narrowed by issues such as available floor space (due to size), or affordability (due to price), there are other aspects to consider before you buy a pyramid for meditation. This includes vibration (energy)– tied to slope (Giza or Nubian), intended activity (positions, postures, etc.) and finally, whether it requires assembly. To proceed, click 'Giza' or 'Nubian' above, then explore the range of activities that are feasible for each size to get a sense of what pyramid would work best for your practice.

Shape, Size and Model

  • Shapes: Angles and Slope. We offer two basic shapes (slopes) for consideration, based on the existing Giza or Nubian pyramids.
        Show me Giza Pyramids in Google Maps (iframe) 
        Show me Nubian Pyramids in Google Maps (iframe) 

  • Sizes: For Positions, Postures. Some pyramids only allow for lying down, while others allow for sitting, sitting on a pillow, sitting in a chair, even standing.

  • Model: Assembly or Non-Assembly. Some pyramids require assembly while others do not. For those outside the US (or Canada), non-assembly models may be made assembly models to ship overseas (package length restrictions).

The Difference between Giza and Nubian, Energetically

Giza versus Nubian, what is the difference?

Giza and Nubian, associated heart, throat chakras. ↑ buttons

Inner Fire Pyramids

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