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Meditation Pyramid Dimensions

Online, I was able to find the dimensions of the Great Pyramid. What I was particularly interested in, was the relationship between the length of the sides that angle upward towards the apex and the length of the sides that form the base. This relationship was all I needed to construct a pyramid of the same dimensions.

The sides of the base of the Great Pyramid were all slightly different due to wear and tear, so I took the longer of the measurements and compared it to the upward sides. My pipes were five feet long each. Using them as they were, I only needed to add the difference to the length of the wires that formed the base of my portable pyramid.

Comparing the copper wire to drill bits to choose a bit.

The difference was about three inches and one sixteenth. So I cut my wires to be five foot, three inches and one sixteenth. If you take this same relationship mathematically, you will be close to those dimensions. You can find the same information online and do your own calculations, or if you are working with five foot tubes, you can adjust using my numbers.

Comparing the copper wire to the key ring.

Here is the breakdown of the relationship between base and sides. The length of the pipes were five feet long. The relationship between sides and base of the Great Pyramid was 1.05333. I took 60 inches and multiplied it times 1.05333 and came up with the 63.2 inches. I went with an additional 3 inches and 1 sixteenth. So, whatever your side length is, you can multiply it times 1.05333 to determine the length of each side of your square base.

Using a drill to drill holes in the copper pipes.

There have been some questions about the size of the key ring used in my design with half-inch copper tubing and those questions were answered in an email conversation I have published in this post on triangular configurations, pyramid design, etc..

I found what I believed to be the right size drill bit. I wish now that I had documented the size of the bit. It was just a little bit larger in size than the largest part of the key ring. Drilling the pipes was difficult. I had marked the pipes at the same distance from the top (just less than a quarter inch) and placed the mark for the corresponding hole exactly opposite. The bit wanted to slip off of the copper, so I had to place it again and again on its mark until it caught in the copper enough to drill through. Once I drilled all of the holes in the four pipes I could begin to thread on the key ring.

Given the dimensions of the pyramid, the length of pipes.

I experimented with one pipe and felt encouraged that it was going to work. It was quite an ordeal to get the ring fed through all eight holes in four pipes. This is where the needle-nose pliers came in handy. I had to pull the ring at times, and move the pipes around accordingly. The whole contraption fell down a number of times triggering a few unpleasant looks from my more than patient wife. The key ring actually worked perfectly and was everything I imagined it would be. The relationship at the top is unwavering and uniform.

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