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How to Build a Meditation Pyramid

Constructing a Meditation Pyramid

Choosing the right size keyring to build your pyramid.

I kept hearing the Lord of the Rings incantation in my head "One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them". My version was something like "One ring to bring them all together and keep them there for my meditation pyramid". In short, it works beautifully. I could move on to the cutting and tying the electrical wires in proper dimension to define the base and all other relationships.

Opening the key ring with your fingers. Feeding the key ring onto the pipes Using pliers to feed the key ring.

I needed to establish the relationship between the length of the angling tubes and the length of each side of the base of the pyramid. I looked up information on the Great Pyramid at Giza and based on those dimensions, created a formula that I then applied to my five foot tubes which gave me the length that each copper electrical wire between posts at the base needed to be. My final dimensions were something like 5' 3 and 1/6" (pyramid dimensions notes). It had been a while and I was actually surprised for some reason to find the base longer than the sides, but this makes sense.

Feeding the key ring onto the second pipe

If you had four equilateral triangles represented by the upward leaning tubes, then you are going to have pyramid that is just as "willing" to be floating in space as be planted on the earth or grounded anywhere. Having the tubes representing the flat-lying base slightly longer makes the pyramid "want" to be planted (grounded). It is not a tetrahedron that we are building. There is a square in the mix and this square is rooted on the earth (or your living room floor). It is the mix of point, triangle and square that gives the pyramid its power- this and the spine of the pyramid, from the center of the square to the center at the top.

View from the top of the meditation pyramid

The holes to be drilled in the bottom of the copper pipes will do well to correspond to the holes at the top. I marked the places to drill directly in line with the holes at the top. This will allow the wires to extend out of the side of each tube bottom to form the line between each pipe. Once again, I held up the wire to try to gauge the best size drill bit. It was a little larger bit than the one used for the top. The wires at the bottom are secured by a knot.

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