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How to Build a Copper Pyramid

Gathering the Materials for the Portable Pyramid

I want to list materials so that anyone going into this will have what they need to pull this off. Once I had bought the copper tubes and the copper electrical wiring, I needed to find an electrical drill with the appropriate drill bits, a pair of needle-nose pliers, a permanent magic marker, and the key ring. As part of my preparation it was also important to know how much of the copper electrical wire to buy in order to complete my project using the proper dimension. I deliberately bought more than I believed was necessary as I had yet to recall or re-calculate the dimensional relationship between sides and base.

Once I got the pipes home, I was so eager to have my meditation pyramid again, I set it up using scotch tape and guesswork as far as dimension goes. Just setting it up with an approximation of dimension, held together with scotch tape and resembling a pyramid, the energy and the healing experience was still vital and present. This goes to show you how powerful this shape is, for even a good approximation of pyramid shape can offer a significant experience.

Leaving the store with the materials to build a pyramid.

Cleaning Up, Carefully Marking, Preparing to Build

I began by removing the nasty UPC code stickers from the pipes (as well as the scotch tape I had used). The overall experience can be undermined by the smallest of compromises, so aesthetics and integrity matter. There should be no words or odd glyphs if we can help it. It should be pure as far as this goes. Once the sticky residues were removed, I felt it was time to have a look at whether the key ring was really going to work. The key ring I had in mind was actually holding my keys together along with a larger version of the same. I removed the smaller ring and held it up to see if I still believed this was going to work.

Everything looked good, so my plan was to join the tubes at the top with this ring. I wanted them fastened together so that the ring would go through each tube and hold it in position allowing it to rotate outward to its pyramid position. I knew that I could be in trouble if I put the holes in the wrong place. This could lead to an unpleasant knocking of pipe tops together making the spreading out and rotating impossible. I was also aware that I was going to need to bend the key ring to actually feed the tubes on it, so the hole could not be too far down on the tube.

[Key Ring and Copper Tube]

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