Comparing Pyramid Sizes - Sitting, Lying Down, etc.

•  Sitting under the Pyramid

Comparing Pyramid Sizes - Sitting   << click image to enlarge

As you can see, the 30-Inch Apex (for supine position only) will not accommodate sitting, yet 38-Inch and above will, with increasing head room. With a meditation pillow, you will want to consider the 42-Inch and above.

•  Lying Down under the Pyramid

Comparing Pyramid Sizes - Lying Down   << click image to enlarge

Lying down diagonally, the graphic above shows the space one can expect given the various pyramid sizes. The example shows a person six foot in height.

•  Pyramid with Mattress (Parallel)

Comparing Pyramid Sizes - Mattress Parallel   << click image to enlarge

I personally always lie down diagonally in order to have my head well within the pyramid space. Floor space can put limitations on this, but I recommend the same when putting a mattress or futon in the pyramid (without frame or boxspring). As you can see, positioning a mattress parallel to the pyramid base lines limits you to the 46-Inch and 61-Inch models, whereas...

•  Pyramid with Mattress (Diagonal)

Comparing Pyramid Sizes - Mattress Diagonal   << click image to enlarge

If you turn the mattress diagonally, the options increase. The 38-Inch and 42-Inch are now viable. Still, the 46-Inch and 61-Inch (if you have the room) allow for more possibilities. For each pyramid, remember to consider the floor space needed.

•  Comparative Tables

Pyramid by Apex 30" 38" 42" 46" 61"
Pipes 4' 5' AM 6' AM
Base (Sq. Feet) 4.3 5.4 5.9 7.5 8.6
Ships US+ US+ Any US+ US
Assembly Required N N Y N Y


AM = Assembly-model pyramids use smaller lengths, joined.

US+ = United States plus a few other countries.

Pyramid by Apex 30" 38" 42" 46" 61"
Supine Y 1 Y Y Y Y
Sitting (Lotus, etc.) N Y 2 Y Y Y
Lying Down Fully N N ? 3 ? 4 Y
Most Yoga Postures N N N Y Y
Sitting in a Chair N N N N Y
Standing N N N N Y 5


1 Encompasses torso only, with feet or knees extending beyond the pyramid's plane.

2 Those with longer torsos (or using meditation cushions) should opt for 42 or above.

3 Depending on one's height (in square - 70 inches / in diagonal - 90+ inches)

4 Depending on one's height (in square - 77 inches / in diagonal - 100+ inches)

5 Depending on one's height (61 inches or less in height can stand in center)

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