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Large Copper Pyramid with 61-Inch Apex

Large Copper Meditation Pyramid. Portable, Giza-Style. For yoga practice, meditation in a chair, or chakra balancing, cleansing. Assembles easily. Sets up in seconds.

Large Copper Pyramid for Yoga and Meditation.

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  • Apex:  61-Inch (floor to top).
  • Base:  9 feet (on each side).
  • Structure:  Portable (collapsible).
  • Model:  Giza-Style.
  • Price:  $185.00 (before shipping)
  • Postures:  Supine, Sitting, Yoga, and Meditating in a Chair.
  • Assembly:  Four screws
    (Eight for overseas model).
  • Shipment:  Allow 2 weeks
    (more shipping info below)
  • Healing Properties:  Pyramids encourage a recovery of the natural alignment and positive expression of our energy centers.
    read more | disclaimer below
Large Copper Pyramid for Yoga and Meditation.


Large enough to allow for meditating in a standard-size chair. Perfect for chakra balancing or cleansing. It will also accompany a queen size mattress or futon (on the floor). Also great for working closely with a partner.

This large, copper meditation pyramid is built from half-inch 8-foot copper pipes together with coated copper wire. The top of the pyramid stands 61 inches above the floor, while the base of the pyramid measures about 9 feet on each side. Includes rubber end caps to protect floors. Requires assembly.

The 61-Inch Apex Pyramid works well for supine position (lying down in any direction), any seated meditation posture (with room for meditation pillows), and accommodates most oga postures.

Ships worldwide.

Shipping Information

All pyramids are built to order. Allow two weeks for shipment from date of purchase. All pyramids ship in heavy-duty shipping boxes. Shipping charges include; shipping materials, USPS priority mail and signature confirmation (U.S. customers only). Shipments within the U.S. ordinarily take 2-3 days from ship date, while overseas packages can take up to two weeks (or more). International customers are responsible for any fees associated with customs.

Always Portable

All Inner Fire Pyramids are portable. They collapse by folding in the pyramid legs. No dedicated space for your pyramid is necessary. Instead, you simply pull it out when you need it and then put it away just as readily– in a closet, under the bed, or against a wall. In addition, portability allows you to take it with you hiking, to the beach, over to a friend's place, or any number of places. With an all-in-one pyramid like this, there are no pieces to keep track of and no tedious assembly or disassembly. Your pyramid is always ready for meditation.

Healing Properties– Disclaimer:  Though pyramids have much to offer energetically and vibrationally– all who purchase pyramids, being personally responsible for their own health care, are under obligation to understand that these pyramids are never to be considered a viable substitute for proper medical attention.

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