Healing Pyramid with 38-Inch Apex

Portable Giza-model pyramid made of 5-foot copper pipes with 38-inch apex. Suitable for supine position and seated postures. No assembly needed. Sets up in seconds.

38 Inch Apex Copper Healing Pyramid for Meditation

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  • Apex:  38 inch (floor to top).
  • Base:  5.5 feet on each side.
  • Structure:  Portable (collapsible).
  • Model:  Great Pyramid, Giza.
  • Price:  $115.00 (before shipping)
  • Postures:  Supine, Sitting.
  • Assembly:  None.
  • Shipping:  Allow 2 weeks
    (more information below)
38 Inch Apex Copper Healing Pyramid for Meditation


This portable (collapsible) copper meditation pyramid is built from half-inch, 5-foot copper pipes together with coated copper electrical wire. When set up, the top of the pyramid stands 38 inches above the floor, while the base of the pyramid measures about 5.5 feet on each side. Includes end caps to protect floors.

The 38 Inch Apex version allows for both supine position (lying down) and any seated meditation posture. Those with either longer torsos or that use meditation cushions might prefer the 42-Inch Apex Pyramid or larger.
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Great for healing mind, body and spirit.

Shipping Information

The 30, 38 and 46-Inch Apex pyramids ship in a durable PVC tube with caps, while the 42 and 61-Inch Apex pyramids both ship in a cardboard box. Cost of shipping includes shipping container, USPS delivery and signature confirmation. All pyramids are built to order so allow TWO WEEKS for shipment. Delivery for domestic customers is ordinarily three days (USPS priority mail).


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