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A Meditation Pyramid is a skeletal pyramid form (built of various types of materials) that is large enough in size that it will allow one to meditate underneath (or in) the pyramid. The idea is that the level of concentration under a meditation pyramid is greater due to the involvement of pyramid energy (or pyramid power) and that this will somehow encourage both healing and personal development. Do they work? Yes!

My name is Benjamin Dean and I am the author of this site. I've been building and meditating under pyramids for thirty years, beginning with one made of simple copper wire. In 2010, I designed and developed the portable, collapsible version that is pictured below. So, you are not alone in your interest. I have sold almost 200 to date and continue to sell reasonably priced Copper Pyramids at my Etsy shop. So, if you have any questions about meditation pyramids please feel free to contact me via this website or through my shop.

What Happens in a Meditation Pyramid?

Pyramid meditation, to be fair, might be any form of meditation that involves a pyramid, You might be in or under a pyramid or you might be gazing or fixing your attention on a pyramid. There is something profound and powerful about the pyramid shape. To behold the pyramid of Egypt is to awaken or trigger something in ourselves. As I mentioned before, I have been meditating under pyramids for years, and the pyramid energy (or pyramid power) truly never ceases to amaze me.

Meditation Pyramid

Ultimately and honestly pyramids remain a mystery. Who can rightly claim to know? I think of all the paperbacks I have seen in used bookstores with the words "Pyramid Power" with material dating back to the 30's when psychic or metaphysical phenomenon was a craze. Slowly and steadily the things we were exposed to then have worked there way into the periphery of the mainstream. Channeled material and much of the occult is more or less accepted as having something to it.

What happens in a Meditation Pyramid is actually quite scientific, though we may not be able to pick apart the science as much as we might like to. It is the simple science of nature. Nature is not something we can duplicate or compete with. However, we can explore it by enhancing it, which is what I believe the meditation pryamid does. The pyramid form is active and present in all of nature and to a great extent in our bodies in forms of structures. A meditation pyramid holds the pure form of a pyramid that we are reminded physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

It is a subtle reminder for some. Those of us who are already sensitive to energy, are generally amazed at the strength. It is important to recognize the power of assumption and previously held beliefs when we are exploring what is new. What we accumulate as "knowledge" often becomes an obstacle to those experiences that would otherwise help us arrive at a greater and deeper understanding of self. There is no substitute for direct experience. The testimonials/reviews on this site are proof of the healing and regenerating powers of the meditation pyramid.

Whether you choose to buy one of the pyramids I sell here, or you wish to embark on building one for yourself, you can find what you need here. If not, as I have said, please ask and I will do my best to help.

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Meditation Pyramids


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